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Ordering information

Are all these plants available for purchase?

Our catalog lists all the plants we grow. Not all of them will be available at any one time, and the size of the plants available will change as they grow through the season. Please contact us to find out if a plant you are interested in is currently available.

Local or Out of the Area?

We are located in Soulsbyville in Central California. For our local customers, we can deliver your plants or you can arrange a pickup. For customers elsewhere we will gladly ship to you within the continental United States. We do ship growing plants as well as dormant ones, so please be aware that if you order a plant that you are afraid can not take your temperatures in February, you need to let us know your concerns in February. Otherwise, we will try to ship as appropriate for your area. Also, please be aware that shipping of certain species of plants can be restricted on a state by state basis, so we can unfortunately not ship everything everywhere. We will do our best to get you the plants you want at the time you want them, however.


What you will receive:

Our plants are full size plants and not tiny rooted cuttings in 2 inch pots. This makes them more vigorous and able to withstand the rigors of shipping, but it can also increase the cost. Where possible, we use flat rate shipping, so the price of shipping is determined by the size of the box and not the weight, because water and soil are heavy! We will fit as many plants as is viable into a single box in order to save on shipping costs. For example, a medium shipping box can hold three to four 5 1/2" pots or two 5 1/2"pots and one #1 size container (trade gallon) and ships for $14.00. A large box can hold two #1's with a fair amount of top growth and ships for $19.00. Remember, these are guidelines and your specific shipping costs will vary somewhat according to the size and quantity of the plants in your order. We will gladly give you an exact quote at the time of processing your order. Do note that plants in container sizes larger than #1's can not be shipped flat rate, and may have high shipping costs depending on the size of the plant and your distance from us.

Often, in preparing to ship, we will cut the plants back so that they fit well into the boxes and are sturdier for shipping. Occasionally, we will remove the pot and pack the root ball into a more malleable material (re: plastic bag) to save on space. Rest assured, your plants will be packed with as much care as we can give them to make sure they arrive safely to you.


What to do when you receive your plants:

Overnight shipping costs are exorbitant. We ship your plants so that they will arrive within 2-3 days, which is do-able for a plant, but does require some special treatment on your end. Unpack them as soon as they arrive, taking care to replace any soil that has been knocked loose from the root balls. Remove any plastic bags that have been placed around the pot to retain moisture for shipping and water well. (If your pot has been replaced with a plastic bag, it will have an inner bag with drainage holes in it, remove the outer bag before watering to allow drainage.) If you have received plants during the growing season, they will be hungry for light, but since they have been in the dark for a few days, they must be gently re-acclimatized to full sunlight. Put them in a bright location, but one where direct sunlight is minimized for a day. After 24 hours, you may begin moving them to gradually sunnier spots. By the end of 3-4 days, they should be readjusted and able to take full sun, if they are indeed full sun plants, that is! Be sure to keep them watered consistently during this time to reduce stress on the plants. Dormant plants will not require the care of actively growing plants, but will still need to be watered immediately upon receipt to ensure that the roots are kept moist. They will acclimatize as they wake from their slumber.


What about a guarantee?

We want for you to be happy with your plants. It is our vision that they will proliferate in your garden for years to come. We take care to send you only the most vigorous plants to be sure they will arrive in good health. In order to ensure their success, though, we need your help. Please care for your plants immediately upon receipt. Please do not leave them in the box until the weekend. Please do not forget to keep them watered, but do not drown them by leaving them in the water-tight plastic bag wrapping they arrive in. Be aware that the paper pots we use are great for the plants and the environment, but that they do dry out quicker than a plastic pot. Please be gentle with your plants while they become accustomed to their new home. Do these things, and we feel sure you will be happy with your new acquisitions. However, if your plants become bunged beyond recovery during the shipping process, we will replace them. Do keep in mind, though, that a dormant plant looks very much like a dead plant and continue to care for your plants until you have contacted us and are certain that they are beyond repair. Please call us as soon as possible and let us know what has happened, and we will work it out.