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Plants by Botanical Name
Plants by Common Name
Elijah Blue FescueFestuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'
Elijah Blue Fescue
blue false indigoFalse Indigo
Baptisia australis
figFicus carica
Cold Hardy Fig
Mexican feather grassFeather Grass, Mexican
Stipa tenuissima
Brown Turkey FigFicus carica 'Brown Turkey'
Brown Turkey Fig
Bronze Leaf FennelFennel, 'Smokey' Bronze Leaf,
Foeniculum vulgare rubrum 'Smokey'
MeadowsweetFilipendula hexapetala

Elijah Blue FescueFescue, Elijah Blue
Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'
Bronze Leaf FennelFoeniculum vulgare rubrum 'Smokey'
"Smokey"Bronze Leaf Fennel
Brown Turkey FigFig, Brown Turkey
Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey

woodland strawberryFragaria californica
Woodland Strawberry
figFig, Cold Hardy
Ficus carica
  Douglas FirFir, Douglas
Pseudotsuga menziesii
  fireworks southern sundropsFireworks Southern Sundrops
Oenothera fruticosa 'Fireworks'
  Blue FlaxFlax-Blue
Linum perenne spp. lewisii
  La vie en Rose Flowering Maple Flowering Maple, Dwarf
Abutilon x hybridum 'La vie en Rose'
  Flowering QuinceFlowering Quince
Chaenomeles speciosa
  Pink Flowering QuinceFlowering Quince- Pink
Chaenomeles speciosa
  Catherine de la Mare Foothill PenstemonFoothill Penstemon-Catherine de la Mare
Penstemon heterophyllus 'Catherine de la Mare
  Margarita BOP Foothill PenstemonFoothill Penstemon-Margarita BOP
Penstemon heterophyllus 'Margarita BOP'

  giant garden chivesForescate Giant Garden Chives
Allium shoenoprasm 'Forescate'

  perennial foxgloveFoxglove-Perennial Yellow
Digitalis grandiflora 'Carillion'
  Chinese Fringe FlowerFringe Flower, Chinese
Loropetalum chinense 'Rubrum'
  New Zealand SedgeFrosted Curls New Zealand Sedge
Carex albula 'Frosted Curls'
  Frosty Morn Stonecrop
Sedum 'Frosty Morn'
  fuchsia flowered gooseberryFuchsia-Flowered Gooseberry
Ribes speciosum