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Soapwort The oldest medicine, herbs have been used for centuries for their healing properties. Many are still used in this way, while many of the traditional uses of herbs have been lost and the plants now grown strictly ornamentally or for their culinary uses. Either way, the traditional use of herbs is a fascinating study, and one that practitioners devote years to. Herbalism is a venerable practice requiring much knowlege and wisdom, and while novices should avoid the use of some herbs for their healing properties, many are widely accepted as safe to use, such as peppermint tea to aid in digestive issues. While we don't reccomend unguided use of herbs for more serious ailments, with research and assitance many are perfectly fine to use and quite effective.

Listed by botanical name below are some of the traditional herbs in the catalog. For strictly culinary herbs, see the edibles page. To search for plants by common name, use the alphabetical navigation at the bottom of the page.

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Red Velvet YarrowAchillea millefolium ''Red Velvet'
Red Velvet Yarrow
red rubin basilOcimum basilicum 'Red Rubin'
Red Rubin Basil
Sunny Seduction YarrowAchillea millefolium "Sunny Seduction"
Sunny Seduction Yarrow
sweet basilOcimum basilicum
Sweet Basil
Terra Cotta YarrowAchillea millefolium 'Terra Cotta'
Terra Cotta Yarrow
thai basilOcimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora
Thai Basil
Apricot Sunrise Anise HyssopAgastache 'Apricot Sunrise'
Apricot Sunrise Anise Hyssop
evening primroseOenothera perennis
Little Evening Primrose
golden jubilee anise hyssopAgastache 'Golden Jubilee'
Golden Jubillee Anise Hyssop
creeping golden marjorumOriganum aurea
Creeping Golden Marjorum
Sunset HyssopAgastache rupestris
Sunset Hyssop
hopleys purple oreganoOriganum laevigatum 'Hopley's Purple'
Hopley's Purple Ornamental Oregano

garden chivesAllium schoenoprasum
Grassleaf Garden Chives
sweet marjorumOriganum marjorana
Sweet Marjorum
forescate chivesAllium shoenoprasm 'Forescate'
Giant Garden Chives
roundleaf oreganoOriganum rotundifolium
Roundleaf Oregano
Corkskrew onionAllium senescens glauca
Corkskrew Onion
red shisoPerilla frutescens
Red Shiso
  flat leaf italian parsleyPetroselinum crispum
Flat Leaf Italian Parsley
dillAnethum gravolens
turkey tangle frog fruitPhyla nodiflora
Turkey Tangle Frog Fruit
borageBorago officinalis
jerusalem sagePhlomis russeliana
Jerusalem Sage
giant red mustardBrassica juncea
Giant Purple Mustard

giant purple leaf plantainPlantago major 'Rubra'
Giant Purple Leaf Plantain
Coriandrum sativum
self-healPrunella vulgaris spp. lanceolata
Cardoon BlossomCynara cardunculus
Benenden Blue RosemaryRosmarinus officinalis 'Benenden Blue'
'Benenden Blue Upright Rosemary
Green Globe ArtichokeCynara scolymus 'Green Globe'
Green Globe Artichoke
Trailing RosemaryRosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'
Trailing Rosemary
violette du provence artichokeCynara scolymus 'Violette du Provence'
Violette du Provence purple Artichoke
Renzels rosemaryRosmarinus officinalis 'Renzels'
Renzels Trailing Rosemary
purple of romagna artichokeCynara scolymus 'Purple of Romagna'
Artichoke, Purple of Romagna
red veined sorrelRumex sanguineum 'Raspberry Dressing'
Red Veined Sorrel
purple coneflowerEchinacea purpurea
Purple Coneflower
Prairie SageSalvia azurea grandiflora
Prairie Sage
meadowsweetFilipendula hexapetala (vulgaris)
white sageSalvia apiana
White Sage
Bronze Leaf FennelFoeniculum vulgare rubrum 'Smokey'
"Smokey"Bronze Leaf Fennel
Salvia chamaedryoides
Germander Sage
woodland strawberryFragaria californica
Woodland Strawberry
cleveland sageSalvia clevelandii
Cleveland Sage
Vernal Witch HazelHamamelis vernalis
Vernal Witch Hazel
coahuila sageSalvia coahuilensis
Coahuila Sage
hyssopHyssopus officinalis
honey melon pineapple sageSalvia elegans 'Honey Melon'
Honey Melon Pineapple Sage
sweet bay laurelLaurus nobilis
Sweet Bay Laurel
indigo woodland sageSalvia forskaohlei
Indigo Woodland Sage
Purple Bouquet English LavenderLavandula angustifolia 'Purple Bouquet'
Purple Bouquet English Lavender
pink autumn sageSalvia greggii 'Pink'
Pink Autumn Sage
Hidcote LavenderLavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'
Hidcote English Lavender
Berggarten SageSalvia officinalis 'Berggarten'
Berggarten Garden Sage
Lisa Marie Dwarf English LavenderLavandula x chaytorae 'Lisa Marie'
Lisa Marie Dwarf English Lavender
Purple Leaf SageSalvia officinalis 'Purpurea'
Purple Leaf Sage
Goodwin Creek LavenderLavandula ginginsii 'Goodwin Creek Gray'
Goodwin Creek Lavender
Vatican White Clary SageSalvia sclarea var turkestanica alba ‘Vatican White’
Vatican White Clary Sage
White flowered grosso lavendinLavandula x intermedia 'Alba'
White Grosso Lavendin
Sierra De San Antonio SageSalvia x jamensis 'Sierra de San Antonio'
Sierra de San Antonio Sage
Grosso LavendinLavandula x intermedia 'Grosso'
Grosso Lavendin
Sea LavenderLimonium latifolium
Sea Lavender, Perennial Sea Statice
hotlips sageSalvia x jamensis 'Hotlips'
Hotlips Sage
blue flaxLinum perenne lewisii
Blue Flax
Transylvanian SageSalvia Transylvanica
Transylvanian Sage
lemon balmMelissa officinalis
Lemon Balm
salad burnetSanguisorba minor
Salad Burnet
peppermintMentha piperata
Lemon Fizz Lavender CottonSantolina rosmarinifolia 'Lemon Fizz'
Lemon Fizz Lavender Cotton
pineapple mintMentha suavolens variegata
Pineapple Mint
Winter SavorySatureja montana
Winter Savory
mountain pennyroyalMonardella odoratissima
Mountain Pennyroyal
SoapwortSaponaria officinalis
Coyote MintMonardella villosa
Coyote Mint
canada goldenrodSolidago canadensis
Canada Goldenrod
dwarf catmintNepeta faasenii-Dwarf
Dwarf Catmint
Creeping GermanderTeucrium cossoni-majoricum
Creeping Germander


Walkers Low CatmintNepeta faasenii 'Walker's Low'
Walker's Low Catmint
silver bush germanderTeucrium fruticans
Bush Germander


cinnamon basilOcimum basilicum 'Cinnamon'
Cinnamon Basil
Yellow GermanderTeucrium flavum
Yellow Germander
dark opal basilOcimum basilicum 'Dark Opal'
Dark Opal Basil
Lemon ThymeThymus citriodora
Lemon Thyme
mrs. burns lemon basilOcimum basilicum citriodora 'Mrs. Burn's Lemon'
Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil
English ThymeThymus vulgaris
English Thyme
lettuce leaf basilOcimum basilicum 'Lettuce Leaf',
Lettuce Leaf Basil
chaste treeVitex agnus-castus
Chaste Tree