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October Daphne

October Daphne
Sedum sieboldii

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Plants by Botanical Name
Plants by Common Name
cinnamon basilOcimum basilicum
Cinnamon Basil

Valley OakOak, Valley
Quercus lobata
lemon basilOcimum basilicum citriodorus
Mrs. Burn's Lemon Basil
cream bushOceanspray
Holodiscus discolor
lettuce leaf basilOcimum basilicum
Lettuce Leaf Basil

October DaphneOctober Daphne
Sedum sieboldii

red rubin basilOcimum basilicum 'Red Rubin'
Red Rubin Basil

Our Lord's CandleOur Lord's Candle
Hesperoyucca whipplei
thai basilOcimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora ‘Horapha’
Thai Basil

hopley's purple ornamental oreganoOregano, Hopley's Purple
Origanum laevigatum 'Hopley's Purple'
tufted evening primroseOenothera caespitosa var. longiflora
Tufted Evening Primrose

roundleaf oreganoOregano, Roundleaf
Origanum rotundifolium

fireworks southern sundropsOenothera fruticosa 'Fireworks'
Fireworks Southern Sundrops

hopley's purple ornamental oregano Oregano, Kent Beauty
Origanum rotundifolium 'Kent Beauty'
Hooker's Evening PrimroseOenothera elata
Hooker's Evening Primrose

Owl's ClawsOwl's Claws
Hymenoxys hoopesii
little evening primroseOenothera perennis
Little Evening Primrose
sweet marjorumOriganum marjorana
Sweet Marjorum
creeping golden marjorumOriganum aurea
Creeping Golden Marjorum
hopley's purple ornamental oregano Origanum laevigatum 'Hopley's Purple'
Hopley's Purple Oregano
roundleaf oreganoOriganum rotundifolium
Roundleaf Oregano
hopley's purple ornamental oregano Origanum rotundifolium 'Kent Beauty'
Kent Beauty Oregano